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Based in San Francisco, I enjoy the cultural and culinary delights in addition to the international feel of this city. San Francisco also has the regional advantages of the north bay wine country, access to the beautiful northern California coast, and other outdoor escapes including Yosemite and Big Sur in the southerly direction. I bring this up to compare it with my impression of Chicago which I would like to call the “quintessential” American city. Perhaps it is because Chicago is in the middle of the country, at the crossroads – it thrives in the heart of the country without the significant Asia-Pacific influence experienced in California, or the European influence/northeast elitism of the New York/Eastern seaboard. Perhaps it is the only city in the Midwest which delivers culture, sophistication and a lively restaurant scene. Anyway, here is a short gallery of images I took which capture My Chicago.

Record temperatures were set during Memorial Weekend.

The cool down continues at Millennium Park.

The Chicago River.

Incredible period work at the Palmer House. No doubt part of someone’s art-architecture Chicago tour.

Lovely green space.

The “El” or Chicago train. I took the Blue Line to get to Wicker Park from the Loop.

Pooch standing guard at a Wicker Park home.

Chicago Nights – public street chess.

Lake Michigan, of course.

Public Art.

And finally, a place worth a visit.