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I just returned from Austin and had a fabulous time. It was my first visit to Texas. I think what shapes a place are its people and I think Austin is a fine example. As most people had informed me prior to my trip, yes indeed, Southerners are quite friendly. You bet! The people of Austin were friendly, helpful, patient and the men were chivalrous and gentlemenly. I’m all for women’s rights but when women object to such behavior as “sexist” and “I can take care of myself” I just don’t get it. Really. I view it as respectful and not as backwards behavior. Ladies, seriously. Don’t you think you’re worth it?

I also understand that Austin is a bit different from Texas’ other main cities of Dallas and Houston. The slogan in Austin is “Keep Austin Weird.” It’s a big live music city and there is a hipness to the core. The city is fueled by the local University of Texas at Austin and the tech companies. So, on the surface it may appear more progressive than Dallas and Houston but after my five day visit I think ultimately the values are still quite conservative.

Here are images I took which I think capture the essence of Austin:

 The state capitol (left and bottom) 

 South Austin. 

     JMueller BBQ. “Meat Coma Provider”


At the Texas State Museum (above and below)

Austin is a dog town.

Lounge at the historic Driskill Hotel. (above)