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As you may have already gathered, there are two Four Seasons Resort properties on the island of Lana’i in Hawaii. There is the oceanfront Manele Bay and the upcountry Lodge at Koele.

I chose to stay at the refined upcountry site because of the privacy and serenity. The Lodge feels like an exclusive club in the setting of a grand plantation home of yesteryear.



The Manele Bay resort is indeed a very pretty oceanfront site and I can understand why it would be a popular choice. After all, most people visit the islands to experience the beaches and the beautiful oceanfront setting in the Pacific. However, to me it feels like a semi-crowded beach club that could be spotted in Southern California. It feels a little “touristy.” Sure, there are finer upcountry lodges on the US mainland too but the Lodge at Koele is very unique. The Resort does a terrific job of integrating Hawaiian and Asian design elements in the dwelling and the landscaped grounds.




It is indeed a very lovely and unexpected upcountry Hawaiian setting. There is a shuttle service offered for a reasonable fee to take guests back and forth from the Lodge to Manele Bay during the day so to me it was a no brainer – retreat to peaceful surroundings for the majority of the time and spend a little of the remainder on the beach.

What I enjoy the most about Four Seasons resorts and hotels is there is always a classic, timeless quality regarding their design and appointments. My room was inviting with an understated luxury. No vulgar dripping gold fixtures or anything of that nature. I do like both gold and silver accessories but the bathroom, for example had gold fixtures without being gaudy and offensive. Just classically stylish.



If you fancy a simple beach holiday then Manele Bay would probably be a good choice. But if you want to try something a little different and refined, the Lodge at Koele may be something to consider.