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Today I opted to head farther up into the cool mountains for some sporting activity; clay shooting and archery. The Four Seasons Resorts offers a lot of activities for its guests. At the Lodge at Koele site, they offer lawn bowling and croquet among an extensive menu of many other options. They also have a nice gaming room with shuffleboard, pool table, backgammon and chess tables:


However, most of their sporting guests, I imagine come to Lana’i to play golf. I have yet to discover the beauty of this sport. Maybe someday I will learn to chase balls in the hot sun but until then I will entertain “golf with a shotgun.”

After an early morning wake-up call and breakfast in the Great Room, the shuttle delivered me to the Lana’i Pine Sporting Clays venue about ten minutes away from the Lodge. I was the only guest in the shuttle (I think the other early risers were in the golf shuttle). I had a very nice chat with the shuttle driver. After I told him I lived in San Francisco he shared with me how he had bet on the Giants and won big in Vegas. He also talked about the owner of the Four Seasons Resorts on Lana’i and apparently the biggest landowner on Lana’i, Castle and Cooke. Lana’i appears to be the largest private island in America. He also mentioned how Castle and Cooke wants to “keep McDonald’s out.” As much as I love the golden arches I think the existence of such a place on this island would be a severe cramp in style. He also thinks that gas prices here will reach $6.00/gallon by the summer.

I learned the basics of shooting. The shotgun itself was about seven pounds which is the weight of a newborn child as my instructor would point out. Most of the clays would mimic the flight path of different game. My best success came with the mallard flight path. The most difficult was the grounded path of the rabbit. I just saw a lot of little dust clouds after pulling the trigger, but unfortunately no broken clays.

After a brief rest from my shooting round I proceeded to the archery station. Archery is trendy now probably because of the popularity of the Hunger Games movie. I decided to do it simply because it seemed like a fun activity. Compared to shooting, there seems to be a little more coordination and moving parts involved on the part of the archer.

I had a great time at the Lana’i Pine. That was how I spent my morning. My afternoon involved a shuttle ride to the sister property – the Four Seasons Resorts at Manele Bay for lunch, lounging on the beach and dolphin watching.