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Just arrived today in Lana’i City, Lana’i. I have found heaven on Earth — at least for the next several days. The feel is quite otherwordly here at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai -The Lodge at Koele and based on my chat with the shuttle driver from the airport, this not so well-known Hawaiian island called Lana’i has its own charm.

There were two Four Seasons shuttles waiting at the airport to pick up guests originating from Honolulu: one was headed to the  Four Seasons Resort Lanai -Manele Bay and the other to the Lodge. The Manele shuttle had about ten people riding it. I felt like I had my own private Lodge shuttle with the only other passenger being a semi-casual business-y looking guy with a soft black briefcase who didn’t look like he liked small talk, and who looked like he wasn’t capable of cracking a smile. Anyway, I just chatted with Mr. Four Seasons Shuttle Driver (FSSD) asking him all kinds of questions about Lana’i. Here are some pieces of dialogue:

Me: So how has the weather been? It’s so cool and pleasant now.

FSSD: Yah, it’s been like this for a while. It’s the opposite on the Manele Bay side.

Me: Oh….So, is there a hospital on this island?

FSSD: Nah. Not for “save your life” kind of thing. Even if you break your leg or you give birth you have to fly to Maui.

Me: Wow…. It’s so peaceful and quiet out here.

FSSD: Yah, it’s Sunday. Tomorrow there will be rush hour traffic.

Me: (huh?) Oh. There’s rush hour traffic on this island???

FSSD: Yah, about five minutes of rush hour traffic. Not like Honolulu. That’s like all day rush hour traffic.

Me: (or rush hour traffic in San Francisco, I imagine…) So how many people live on this island?

FSSD: About 2000.

Me: You’re kidding.

FSSD: Nah. About five years ago it was like 3000….and there’s no Costco or Wal Mart. You have to go to Maui for that.

Me: Oh. That’s too bad….

FSSD: The Hawaii Five O people also came out here to film.

Me: Oh really? That’s cool…

The shuttle drive was also a nice scenic drive and quite a different setting from the commercialized feel of Waikiki and Honolulu.

I am so ready to relax…..And do some sporting activities….archery and clay shooting! Be back soon.

Grounds at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai – The Lodge at Koele (snapped after my Hawaiian Paniolo Brunch which was like a fancy huevos rancheros with a divine orange sauce)