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I just landed in Honolulu this afternoon and as I was driving along Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki I noticed that nothing has changed, really. For a reference point, Kalakaua Avenue is like Market Street in San Francisco or any street running through Union Square; very expensive to set up shop on and a hot mess in rush hour traffic.

Honolulu – the vibrant economic hub of the state of Hawaii remains the same with the congenial atmosphere of easygoing people, old and tired buildings (e.g. Waikiki), and pretty blue skies. I must admit that the familiar warm weather is a nice change from the perpetually cool layering system of San Francisco. In fact, this is the first time that I bared my arms outdoors completely in a sleeveless top! [see pic below]

Honolulu is a very unique American city because it is a blend of a resort, government, financial and education sectors. The beach, the University of Hawaii (a big employer and the main upper educational institution) and Downtown Honolulu (Central Business District) are/were all within ten minutes of my childhood home. Yeah, that’s my data point for you just in case you were thinking about buying some real estate here. 

I think green is the new blue….

Pacific Ocean at Waikiki Beach with Gold Coast buildings in background.
Pacific Ocean view from the Moana Surfrider.
Traditional tropicals in Hawaii.
Just another day in Hawaii.