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 As a solo woman traveler, I individually seek value and style. If one is resourceful and creative enough, I believe there a lot of travel experiences which can be created involving the element of glamour and luxury – these are components of style – without burning a hole in the pocket (book). As a solo woman traveler, safety is also important but I certainly do not think it should consume the experience.

In general, I am not super fussy when it comes to accommodations but the basics start with the fundamental “clean and well-located.” I don’t need a “women’s only” floor or “women’s only” gym nor do I require to stay at a hotel run by a female General Manager who will understand my needs. I like flowers, but I am not a delicate flower. I’m all for women’s rights and the Iron Ladies of the world. But I think common sense and good planning  are sufficient in the context of a safe and satisfying experience.

I’m also not one who has a resume which reads “camping in the desert” like some Burning Man adventure types – some of my friends will probably participate in Burning Man but I would prefer to participate in another desert – maybe in Africa or the Middle East.

So I prefer adventure a little differently. I think you’ll get the idea when I embark on my first trip back to a pretty familiar place. This blog will mostly be a photographic journey with some insight about the destinations I choose. Hope you enjoy reading.

Be back soon.